Queen of the Universe

An action-packed animated comedy series for 3-6 year olds featuring Queen of the Universe – a young superhero who never shies away from a fight against the galactic super villain Moonster.

When the planets of the universe are threatened by the malevolent and unpredictable space giant Moonster, the inhabitants turn to the only one who can help them. Her name is Stella Goodman, a perfectly ordinary 8 year old from Loserville who just before bedtime is transformed into Queen of the Universe – a fearless, hot-tempered and impulsive superhero who likes nothing better than to mix it up, battle her arch enemy, and then bask in the people’s adulation. As long as this doesn’t involve her having to waste time planning or thinking too much, or politely asking someone’s permission.





Exekutiv producent: Patrik Sundström
Producent: TBA
Regissör: TBA
Manus: TBA