PATRIK STHLM is an advertising agency
and a production company

PATRIK STHLM is an advertising agency and a production company that develops concepts, strategy, design, and production work within the areas of publicity, marketing, design and radio, film and television. We work in close cooperation with our clients and suppliers, and always in a prestigeless way. Big or small accounts, consumer products or business-to-business makes no difference in our choice of commissions. It´s the content of the message, the product, and the relationship with the client that decides if a commission suits us. We build our business on the idea that all good communication is based on a concept that will last over time. The concept has to have ”legs” – carrying the main idea though all kinds of media and expressing the message in a consistent way. That´s why we offer our clients competence and experience within several areas.

PATRIK STHLM was started by Patrik Sundström in 1998, and consists of persons with extensive know-how in marketing, publicity, film, radio, television and internet.

PATRIK STHLM chooses commissions with care. We are convinced that we do better work when we wholeheartedly believe in the concept, and the message we communicate. In many cases, we have created the overall concepts, communication guidelines, graphic and communication manuals, and provided the client´s own publicity department with guidelines. This way, the publicity department can focus on producing work that doesn´t necessarily need the help of a creative team. Our business is run from Stockholm, but our commissions over the years have been implemented all over Sweden, and also in other parts of the world.